Frequently asked questions


How do I buy a ticket?

All tickets can be purchased from our online ticketing system.

How do I know which ticket to buy?

First, you have to choose between: 1- The international congress pass (ICP) 2- The french international congress pass (FICP) 3- The All access pass (AAP) which allow you to participate to both congress. Second, choose your category as there are three major ticket designations: 1- Students 2- Members of a partner organization, academics, speakers, cities and governments, not for profit associations. 3- Regular Definitions: - Students need to be enrolled in an educational institution to take advantage of the Student rate. - Members are individuals who are members of any of the associations or organizations officially participating in the Congress. - Speakers are the ones who submit an abstract. If they buy a ticket and they are not selected, their ticket is still valid. - All others can purchase the regular non member ticket.

What payment methods are available?

Payments are accepted by credit card.
Please contact: for other payment options.

What is the return policy?

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable with an admin fee of 50 euros. If you have any questions regarding your ticket or the refund policy, please contact:

I am buying a ticket for more than one person. What do I need to do?

Once you have purchased tickets for your group, you will be able to assign these tickets to individuals. From your own user profile in our ticketing system, you will be able to assign a ticket to others using their name and email address. The members of your group will receive an email letting them know that a ticket has been assigned to them and they will need to create a profile in the system.


What are the event dates?

The full event program runs from 20-22 February 2018.

When does the Pre-sale rate end?

The Pre-sale rate ends on July 13, 2018.

When does the Earlybird rate end?

The Earlybird rate ends on October 12, 2018.

When does the Regular rate end?

The Regular rate ends on January 12, 2019.

Can I buy tickets on site?

Tickets for the Congress and Expo will be available for purchase onsite at a higher fee.

When is the Speaker registration deadline?

Presenters whose proposals have been accepted via the Scientific and Professional Committee review need to register and buy their ticket.


Do I need a Visa to come to France?

To find out whether you need a visa, please visit the french visa website.

How do I get a Visa letter?

If you are applying for a Visa to France in order to attend the Paris Design Summit and need an official invitation for your application package, email us your information at

What hotels are near the venue?

We have negotiated exclusive prices for accommodation in hotels near to the event venue, the Palais des Congrès. For a full listing of these hotels, visit our Accomodation page, or contact us at

How do I get to the venue from the airport?

Depending on the airport you are flying from, there are a number of options available for transportation to Paris, including public transit.
For all the details, visit our Travel page.


Where is the Paris Design Summit being held?

The Paris Design Summit is being held in Paris, France. Official events are taking place at the Palais des Congrès.

How do I get to the Palais des Congrès?

There are a number of options available for accessing the venue.
Visit our page "Useful Infos" under Getting to the Palais.

What is there to do in Paris?

February is a excellent time to visit museums and to take advantage of the great french gastronomy. If you want to go shopping, Paris is an ideal city. The annual winter sales ends on February 19th!
Visit our Welcome to Paris page to explore more.

What languages are spoken in Paris?

Of course French is the official language of France! Difficult to get an accurate number but only about 20% of the French can speak english. Most of the young French can understand english.


Is the Palais accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The Palais des Congrès’ facilities are accessible to everyone with reduced mobility. The access is 4, Place de la Porte Maillot. Be aware there is no reduced access mobility by the public transport. For specific questions, contact the Palais des Congrès directly.

Does the Palais have designated disabled parking spaces?

Please visit the Indigo parking website


Who is organizing the events?

The events are being organized by The World Design Agency - France: Eventime-Goup headquartered in Marseille, PG Promotion headquartered in France and the World Design Agency headquartered in Montréal, Québec, Canada and the World Sustainable Design Framework Secretariat headquartered in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

What support is there for the events?

The Paris Design Summit is honoured to be supported by a local and international partners committee. The Paris Design Summit is proudly partnering with Viparis as well as industry leaders via its partnership program.

What organizations are participating in the events?

Major associations, think tanks and organizations interested in the 3 themes and 12 topics, representing designers or not are participating in the Paris Design Summit. Check our partner page regularly for more information.

Who is expected to attend?

We are expecting to welcome 96 roundtables international experts and leaders, 2500 delegates, 288 speakers, 30 keynotes and 10 000 Expo visitors from 50 countries. Our team can give you demographic and professional data on the participants.

What is the difference between the Design Roundtables Summit and the Congress?

Driven by the vision of how design can transform the future, the Congress and the Design Roundtables Summit are different, but thematically related, events. The multi-disciplinary, multi-modal Congress is open to individuals from all design or design-related disciplines and non designers: all together under one roof to share perspectives, foster collaboration and cross-pollinate innovative ideas about how design can transform the future. The Summit is made of 12 roundtables developing an international action plan for harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges.
Entities representing design, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interaction design are coming together with think tanks, representatives of intergovernmental and supranational organizations and specialized agencies. The Participation at the Summit of Roundtables is invite-only, but you can attend most of the meetings. Our ambition with the Congress and the Summit is to break discipline silos by fostering true collaboration, both at the local grassroots and international governance levels.


When is the deadline to submit a proposal?

The deadline to submit your proposal is July 13, 2018. The deadline to submit your proposal is October 12, 2018 for the second call.

Why are there two calls?

The first call is general and we can accept full sessions. The second call aims to complete the sessions if there is room. That's why we invite you to submit at the first call if possible.

How do I submit a proposal?

Submissions are accepted only via our online submission system.
You will need to create a user profile and then submit your proposal(s).
Once your submission is complete, click “Ready for Review” to send your proposal to the Scientific and Professional Committee for review.

Do I have to be a practicing architect, planner, landscape architect or a designer to submit a proposal?

No, the Congress is open to all disciplines, educators, researchers and professionals working with design or design-related processes and design-thinking.

What are the proposal requirements?

The detailed Call for Proposals and submissions requirements can be downloaded here.

How many proposals can I submit?

You can submit multiple proposals; however, keep in mind that due to scheduling reasons we may limit the number of presentations that you lead during the Congress.

We are submitting as a group, if our proposal is accepted do we all need to register as Speakers?

Yes, all members of a group submission, if the proposal is accepted, will need to register for the Congress and pay the Speaker registration fee.

Who is reviewing the proposal?

The proposals are being reviewed by the Scientific and Professional Committee, representing the major disciplines involved in the non-for profit organization, the World Sustainable Design Framework (WSDF)

Will the accepted proposals be published?

The accepted proposals will be published in the official congress online program.

My proposal has been rejected, can I submit again?

Yes, we encourage you to revise and resubmit your proposal before the second call deadline. Before doing so, please review the submission requirements.


I have just been notified that my proposal has been accepted. What do I do now?

Congratulations! We are thrilled that you will take an active role in the Congress and share your cutting-edge design solutions with the world! The next step is to register yourself (and members of your group, if applicable) as a Speaker and order your Congress pass(es). The Secretariat will be in touch with you with further instructions about your presentation schedule and materials.

Why do I have to Pay as a speaker?

The organizers are happy to confirm there is no registration fee for speakers in 2019! The registration fee is in fact it is a contribution to the secretariat. Like all scientific conferences, the practice is to ask for a contribution to the organizational costs of the conference. Without your contribution, the secretariat could not offer a democratic prize to all participants. The secretariat of the WSDF is a not-for-profit organisation. Your contribution helps to set up an online discussion tool that ensures your presence in the debate well beyond the event. If you really can not afford to pay, you can apply for a scholarship. We apply a scale by region.

What are my advantages?

In addition to your contribution to building a better world and helping to build a long-term international movement: 1 - Visibility on all platforms: - ShOroom - Referenced website - Program - e-book 2 - Access to all conferences 3 - Access to the speakers' lounge 4 - Access to the exhibition 5 - Certificate of participation 6 - Reference to other events 7 - Networking with customers or potential partners 8 - Meetings with other experts in your field 9 - Discovery of new products and services 10 - Acquisition of skills

How much time do I have for my presentation?

Individual presentations are 15 minutes long and scheduled within 1 hour sessions based on theme and topic. If you proposed to lead a session as a group, you will be scheduled for 1 hour, including Q&A. More details will be communicated to you directly once you have registered. The speaker's guide will then be sent to you.


When and where is the Expo?

The Expo is being held on 21-22 February 2019 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris.

Is the Expo open to the general public?

No, the expo is only for professionals. But design lovers and design junkies are welcome. Please register through our registration system.

How many people are expected to come?

The Expo will welcome 10,000 visitors including the 2500 congress delegates.

How does my company become and Exhibitor?

Contact our Account Management team who will be pleased to assist you in determining the best exhibit option to maximize your exposure and business opportunities.
Send your inquiry to

What are the criteria for becoming an Exhibitor?

Participation is open to entities that represent, promote or sell a design-related product or service. All applications will be reviewed for compatibility, sustainability, quality and appropriateness.

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