Secretariat of World Sustainable Design Framework Strategy

Alain Dufour

Secrétaire général

1233 De la Montagne,

Bureau 301

Montréal, Québec, H3G 1Z2

Historical Context

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The recommendations are then used to establish a World Sustainable Design Framework Strategy.  A strategy to create a better world contributing, within a defined structure, to public policy and social action on a global scale.

The Summit Round Tables consist of 12 Round Tables each including 8 leaders representing organizations, companies or institutions. These professionals and academics of architecture, development, engineering, design and other sectors, international players, think tanks and policies will gather in one place to present and share their knowledge at the Round Tables.

Each Roundtable has the task to lead and oversee discussions with all the speakers and develop recommendations relating to their topic. Together, all the speakers thus contribute directly to establishing this multidisciplinary strategy through the presentation of "Proof of concept".


The Paris Design Summit consists of a major French- and English-language multidisciplinary international Congress supported by an Exhibition of innovation-focused partners fully integrated with
a Roundtables summit developing the strategic framework.


The World Sustainable Design Framework is an initiative following a long process in recent years, of the structuring of design related professions.

In mid-October 2015, the primary international design organizations met in Gwangju, South Korea to envision an environmentally and economically sustainable, socially equitable and culturally diverse planet. On, October 24, 2017, nearly 20 international associations in architecture, urban planning and design signed the first declaration outlining the role and impact their professions, the Montreal Design Declaration.

Following this successful first phase with the signing of the Design Declaration of Montreal, the World Design Agency in collaboration with  founder of Montreal Design Summit 2017 and the principal partners of content, experience and business and technology development,  launch phase two: the World Sustainable Design Framework and the first mission is the Paris Design Summit in February 2019.

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